Will I get temporary accommodation

We must offer emergency accommodation to homeless applicants in the following circumstance:

  • If we have reason to believe you are a priority and have reason to believe you are homeless

Once you have made your homeless application, your caseworker will arrange temporary accommodation and this may be in a:

  • Supported accommodation unit
  • Family hostel
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Temporary private let
  • Temporary unfurnished accommodation
  • refuge

While in temporary accommodation, an officer may depending on your needs, maintain close contact with you to ensure rent is paid upto date, application forms for housing are completed and you are keeping to your conditions of occupancy.

When arranging temporary accommodation, we will try to ensure that any temporary accommdation offered is in this area, however, we cannot guarantee that it will be in your local area. We will try to avoid the use of bed and breakfast accommodation.

Contact Us

The first step you need to take is to contact the Homeless Section at Gwynedd Council here.

Homeless Advice Booklet

By Gwynedd Council