Housing repairs

Housing Repairs

Privately Rented Tenants

Houses that are in poor condition affect your health and safety, and you do not have to put up with it. If you occupy a rented property then your landlord will normally be responsible for carrying out essential repairs and providing basic facilities.

What repairs does the landlord have to carry out?

This will depend upon your tenancy agreement, but as a general rule the landlord will be responsible for the structure and the exterior of the property and for maintaining essential services such as water, gas and electricity supplies, and for drainage.

The tenant is normally only responsible for decorating the property internally, or maintaining any gardens but this will depend upon the agreement you have made with your landlord. If you feel that your home is not being properly maintained then contact Housing Enforcement Team at Gwynedd Council. You could also speak to Shelter who maybe able to give you advice.

What if I am concerned about gas safety?

The law requires your landlord to arrange for the inspection and servicing of any gas fires, boilers or other appliances at least once every year. This work must be carried out by a competent Gas Safe registered installer who must provide you with a certificate confirming that the appliance has been checked and is safe to use.

If you have any of the above gas appliances that have not been checked then you should contact your landlord immediately to ensure this inspection takes place.  A copy of the certificate must be given to each tenant. Gas safety enforcement is the responsibility of the Health & Safety Executive, Tel : 0845 345 0055.

Are there any special requirements for bedsits?

Many people in Wales now live in properties that have been converted into flats or bedsits. These are known as "Houses in Multiple Occupation" or "HMOs" and are properties occupied by more than one household.

Most HMOs require special fire safety precautions and alarm systems to protect the residents. In addition HMOs with a large number of residents need more bathrooms, toilets and food preparation facilities than normal. Your landlord is also required to make sure the common parts of the property are properly managed. If you feel that your home is a fire risk or does not have enough basic facilities please contact the Housing Enforcement

If you are a Housing Association tenant and unhappy with the repairs service you have received, speak to your housing officer in the first instance. Should this issue fail to be resolved then use the organisation's complaints procedure to deal with the matter.