Landlord - Legislation and Regulations

Legislation and Regulation

How can I ensure that I keep up to date with changing regulations and legislation?

Private Rented Housing is a useful reference in providing information about all elements of the renting process. Although it is updated regularly landlords need to keep in touch with changes as they happen.

The best way of keeping up to date is to join a landlords association which will keep you informed of any changes to legislation and regulations that you need to know about - contact the Gwynedd Landlords Forum, the National Landlords Association, the Guild of Residential Landlords or the Residential Landlord Association for further information.

Gwynedd Council's Private Sector Housing Unit organises the Gwynedd Landlord Forum, telephone (01766) 771000 for additional information.

This section of the Council also enforces housing standards and management practices in rented accommodation and they should be contacted if landlords wish to find our about requirements in relation to room size, fire precautions, amenities etc.