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Tregarth is a village near Thomas Telford's A5 London to Holyhead road between the village of Bethesda and the city of Bangor in Gwynedd, North Wales

The village grew around the local slate industry with many houses being built to house quarry workers and their families. The village is renowned for a street of houses that were built by Lord Penrhyn, proprietor of the Penrhyn Quarry and occupier of Penrhyn Castle to accommodate the workers that refused to strike during the Penrhyn Lockout of 1900-1903.

There are limited shops, services and facilities in this village.

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Mynydd Llandygai  is a small, partly forested hill in Gwynedd, North Wales. It forms the start of the Glyderau ridge. Many of the houses are spread along long roads rather than clustered around a point, giving the village a somewhat decentralised feel. Physically the village has changed little since it was originally built. The area to the south is mountainous and there are a number of slate and stone quarries in the vicinity.

There are limited shops, services and facilities in this village.

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There is a VERY LOW availability.


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