Cymdeithas Tai Eryri

What do we do?

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri is a charitable housing association and registered social landlord, governed by a Management Board consisting of 15 members, including local councillors and tenants. The members are elected during the Annual General Meeting. The Management Board is responsible for making decisions on financial, strategy and policy matters. Cymdeithas Tai Eryri works closely with Local Authorities within North West Wales to provide homes of high standards and homes, which are well within the reach of the local people, and with partner agencies to provide housing with support in the area.

How is Cymdeithas Tai Eryri financed?

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri receives its funding from the National Assembly and Local Authorities. The rest is raised through private loans.

Equal opportunity

In the provision of homes, housing services and employment, we aim to keep the spirit and legal obligations of the equal opportunities policy. No one will be treated less favourably on the basis of race, colour, creed, gender, sexuality, disability or language.

Cymdeithas Tai Eryri Services:

•    Homes for rent for local people
•    Low cost home ownership schemes e.g. Home buy and Shared Ownership
•    Sheltered housing for the elderly
•    Supported housing for vulnerable client groups
•    Advice and support for tenants and applicants
•    Quality maintenance service
•    Community development