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Affordable Housing

The Gwynedd Affordable Housing project was established in the latter part of 2003 to increase the provision of affordable housing in Gwynedd's communities.

What is the project?
The project's main objectives are:

  • Increase the provision of affordable housing that meets the needs of local people
  • Focus more specifically on those people in genuine need of affordable housing
  • Ensure an appropriate mix of affordable housing, in terms of price, tenure, type and size
  • Establish an arrangement that ensures any housing provided remains affordable forever
  • Ensure that the affordable housing provided is of a high quality and sustainable both in the initial design and in long term maintenance
  • Be more proactive as a Local Planning and Housing Authority and therefore provide clearer and more consistent guidance to key players in the housing sector
  • Develop a comprehensive range of planning policies to facilitate and secure the provision of affordable housing
  • Raise the awareness of key partners, both internally and externally to Gwynedd Council, of the housing issues faced within rural areas such as Gwynedd
  • Promote and ensure more collaboration between key players in the sector in areas such as the development of on the ground schemes and sharing good practice
  • Encourage partners to commit to working proactively and collectively towards facilitating the provision of affordable housing in Gwynedd.

More information about affordable housing in Gwynedd can be found on the following pages:

Are you looking for Affordable Housing?

Gwynedd's Affordable Housing partnership would like to develop a database of the affordable housing needs in communities within the county. If you consider yourself in need of affordable housing in Gwynedd and wish to register your details with Gwynedd Council's Affordable Housing Officer, follow the Affordable Housing Questionnaire link on the left.